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Looking to establish or expand your services? Then we've got the space for you

At Just One Body we are focused on creating a larger group of practitioners, therapists, personal trainers & coaches offering expert and experienced care covering a range health, performance and wellbeing areas. 

In order to do this we hire out our consultation rooms and rehab space for those keen to work with a wider multidisciplinary team.

New Ross is primed and ready for additional services, with many people having to travel for this support.

We make is simple for you; one payment covers all the overheads and give your marketing and online presence support.

Clinical space for hire

Our spaces for hire

Consultation rooms

This space is ideal for services that involve privacy and comfort for your clients for a range of practitioners:

  • GP, Consultant services & Coaches
  • Osteopaths, Physiotherapists & Massage therapists
  • Councillors and other talking therapists
  • Nutritional therapists

What's included?

  • Desk, comfortable chair and patient chairs
  • Treatment couch, couch roll & pillows (if required)
  • Towels in assorted sizes
  • Sink with soap dispenser
  • Bin

Rehab space

Our rehab space has be designed offer versatility and quality in mind. Our space gives your client access to the latest equipment in your own private space:

  • Personal training
  • Small group training
  • Sports therapists
  • Rehab experts

What's included?

  • Multigym with Squat rack & plates, Smith machine, 2 Cable machines, Pull-up & dip bar, Landmine attachment and Barbell
  • Glute Ham Developer
  • Dumbbell rack 2.5 to 25 kg – 2 each
  • Resistance bands, Sliders, Fabric resistance loops
Treatment room in our clinic

How does it work?

You can hire our consultation rooms on a half day or full day rate. Our rehab space can be rented on an hourly basis. Payment is made in advance, monthly for our rooms and weekly for our rehab space.

We ask for a 3 months minimum for an initial contract; then move into a rolling 6 month contract that can be terminated with 2 months notice. 

We also offer

  • Your own page on our website listing you services, photo, biography, contact & booking details
  • Inclusion in our reception information
  • Personalised business cards
  • Access to our online booking system & card machine facilities
  • Marketing & Business development support

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