Introductory appointments

Explore our expert services and understand how we can help your health, performance and wellbeing

Unsure about whether we can help? 

Our free introductory appointments are an opportunity to explore how our team work and see our approach to better health. We explore whether we are the right people to start with and what a treatment plan would look like. 


Diagnosis, pain management and treatment. Exercise rehabilitation, advice and guidance for pain and injury throughout the body.

A 20 mins appointment where you have the chance to discuss your pain or issue in detail and explore the best options for a full recovery.

Sports Massage

Improve recovery, reduce pain and let your body relax. Relief, relaxation & recovery for everyone from head down to toe.

A 25 mins appointment involving a quick assessment and 15-20 mins of massage to see if we are able to help you gt back on track.