Kieran Lowe

Expert Osteopath & sports injury rehabilitator

Our Clinical Director, Principle Osteopath & Sports Rehabilitator Kieran has been working in healthcare for over 20 years. His experience stretches across a number of different group of patients. Whether it be office and manual workers, or athletes from low to elite level, Kieran has supported their journey back to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Kieran’s approach to resolving pain and injury looks broadly at learning about who you are and what you do to understand why any issues have appeared in the first place. He assesses the whole body in depth to explore the issues causing pain and injury before giving you a diagnosis in terms you understand.

To find a resolution to pain & injury Kieran offers a range of treatment options found in a number of disciplines. Joint manipulation, manual therapy, soft tissue therapy, taping & muscle energy techniques. Kieran also offers tailored exercise therapy plans to ensure you have made a full recovery.

Kieran has travelled the world working with elite runners at Ultra X events as well setting up a sports medicine dept in Bangalore India with Sports medicine consultant Dr Rajat Chauhan. His experience with multidisciplinary clinics of Pure Sports Medicine and Technique Health in London has given Kieran the experience and knowledge of how to work collaboratively with a range of healthcare professionals to find the best out possible for you.