Expert Practitioners for Your Well-being

Here, the goal is to give you a bit of a flavour of the many different opportunities that exist for you in the wellness industry, in particular, in terms of becoming an expert or a practitioner. We’ll start with some of the more obvious ones (the ones we hear about most in wellness) and then we can get a little more creative with the possibilities.
As you read through this list and the short summary of what this type of expert or practitioner usually offers, please do bear in mind that it is by no means exhaustive and that there will, no doubt, be many other examples that you can look to. This is designed to get you thinking and spark interest if you’re new to this career path.

You might also notice that some of the options could be considered to fall more under the umbrella of health (where the focus is treatment rather than prevention), however more and more medical professionals are finding ways to integrate preventative wellness modalities into their toolkit. This is often described as a more ‘holistic’ approach, or where Eastern medicine meets Western medicine.
Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor – somebody who creates fitness programmes for their clients and motivates them to achieve their goals. You might deliver this individually or in groups. You may choose to focus on a particular discipline (e.g. high intensity training, mobility or strength training), use a particular type of equipment (e.g. weights or machines), work with particular groups of people (e.g. children, pregnant mothers or cancer patients) or for a particular outcome (e.g. flexibility, weight loss or muscle gain).


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